Life wasn’t always so rosy….

You see I accomplished all this starting out as a dirt poor school teacher, no money, no backing, no real estate experience…and believe me I was nothing special.…well, kind of lazy hippie in those days.

I remember when my wife and I got married I made a lot of promises to her.

“Honey, if you marry me you’re going to do real well. We’ll have our own home, be able to travel, have nice cars……” Well, she bought that story.

Two years went by and she came to me and said, “Times up!” Ed, you talk a good story, but you’re not doing anything about it. Look at these bills! We’re in debt, we don’t own our own home, can’t afford tires for the car and we have another baby on the way.”

She said, “Ed, I’m really tired of this…tired of struggling!”

Well, I’ll never forget that day as long as I live. I was ashamed, humiliated and disgusted with myself. I walked outside and stood there for a moment…..

I remember saying to myself with all the pain and anger that I could muster:  “I’m tired of living like this!  I’m tired of begging for pennies. I have had it!

She’s right! I’ve got to do something now!”

…and what I’ve shared millions of folks just like you throughout the United States and Canada is, until you get that point….that gut wrenching place…. nothing will change until you make it change.

Isn’t this true? Down deep, you know it is!

I knew that people were making a lot of money investing in real estate so I thought I should start learning how they did it. I read a couple of books and then I took a course and wow….it was like somebody turned the light on in a dark room.

I began to see the possibilities! Heck, I wasn’t just interested in making a few thousands dollars. I was on fire. I wanted to become a millionaire.

My Wife And Friends Laughed At Me...

Now, remember, I had no money, no credit and no experience. Within a short time after the real estate course I bought our first house….amazed my wife…surprised my father in law.

Isn’t it true behind every man is a surprised father-in-law. “Hey, the bum really did it!”

I became a millionaire within 3 years..... and get this.  I was only 30 years old. I quit my school teaching job and was for the first time in my life free to do what I wanted when I wanted to do it.

I didn’t tell you this whole story to brag, but to show you that anybody can achieve their dreams...

...if you have a passionate desire to succeed and the time tested real estate investment system that the Real Estate Investment Power Package can give you. .
My Story