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Probate and Estate Sales. Did you know that there were 10X the amount of  probates than foreclosures…. and boy are most heirs motivated to sell. They need to sell fast.

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I consider Ed Beckley as one of the greatest teachers I have ever met. I took his real estate course years ago along with many others .....Robert Allen, Carleton Sheets, Russ Whitney just to name a few. Ed's real estate program was by far the best.

His knowledge, clarity and ability to communicate his money making system were amazing. 
Ed has the rare ability to share his investment ideas with you in a step-by-step way so that they really work. I  feel that Ed was one most important people who helped launch me to the huge success I've enjoyed.

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Kevin Trudeau
Bestselling author, television personality, and multimillionaire.
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"Being handicapped or challenged sometimes you feel, well, you know, 'I'm not good to do anything again'...I think the Ed Beckley course taught me I can do anything I want."

"So in less than a month, not only had I leased the property out at a $75 a month positive cash flow, but I also sold the option portion for $5000..."

3 Reasons I Believe You Can Succeed

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Creation Of Wealth Jump Start
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Government Goldmines
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125 Irresistible Purchase Offers
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How To Make Money Finding Foreclosures and Tax Liens: The Complete National Directory.
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Using The Foreclosure Rules For Maximum Profit!:  A Complete State-By-State Guidebook on the Most Common Foreclosure Procedures
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My Proven Real Estate System Shows You Where To Find These Money Making Deals
effective tactics and strategies
financial freedom from mind numbing, passion sucking
timeless millionaire’s advice
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will allow you to buy for pennies on the
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"paint-by-numbers" real estate investment system
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Liz Halloran
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No Down Payment Magic
100 No Money Down Techniques. You will learn the most creative ways to find cash from insider sources, investors begging you for a great deal, government programs, and how to find the sellers who want to sell you their property for zero down payment.
Short Sale Power
A “Short Sale” is when you negotiate with a bank or mortgage holder a deep discount when you acquire the property. This allows you to create massive profits.

This Step-by-Step guide is your roadmap to making a fortune buying nice houses at a steep discount from banks.

Imagine buying properties “dirt cheap” and instantly creating $25,000, $35,000 and even $50,000.
Know the insider secrets of how to negotiate with banks.

Here’s the great part: you can make a ton of money with Short Sales even if you don’t have a lot of money or credit...  and you make money month after month risk-free.
Here’s what you’ll learn:

Why banks are ready to discount nice houses in today’s depressed market and how you can cash in on this current opportunity.

How to get banks to discount houses 10%, 20% and even 40% so that you can make an extra $15,000 a month consistently.

I lead you by the hand step-by-step on how to contact the bank who is in charge of these potential goldmines and what the secret rules are.

How to negotiate in a way guaranteed to put thousands in your pocket.

You’ll learn the exact Short Sale process it will take to cash in $25,000, $35,000, up to $50,000 in the next 90 days.
Foreclosure Secrets Of The Pros
This is by far the most powerful and creative Guide to Investing in Foreclosures available today. It is your ultimate blueprint for making big money in all stages of the foreclosure process.

You will learn the simple, risk-free, step-by-step techniques and formulas the pros use when finding and investing in pre-foreclosures.

You’ll discover how to research and buy nice houses at auctions at the courthouse….and leave your competition in the dust.
How to find those pre-foreclosure properties.

How to negotiate with the sellers and earn their trust.

How to research properties so you don’t get burned.

How to develop strategies before the auction.

12 ways to creatively finance properties in foreclosure.

How to calculate fix up costs and repairs. 

How to protect yourself as a buyer with the right wording

How to research properties online.

How to look up names, addresses and phone numbers of homeowners in distress.

How to project your profits on each deal.

How to tell immediately if the property is a good deal.

How to write your letters to homeowners in distress so they respond to you.

How to write winning ads in the newspaper to get your phone to ring.

How to sell your property quickly.

How to receive pre-foreclosure listings in your email box on a daily/weekly basis.

How to control a nice house for 90 days without ever owning it

Learn How To Get 20% to 50% Discounts From Banks and Generate an Extra $15,000 a Month From “Short Sales.”
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Creation of Wealth Jump Start
Some of us need an extra “kick in the pants” to get started.

This instructional audio package will light your fire and help you overcome the fear and obstacles that undermine your success.

I understand and recognize our procrastinating nature. That’s why I created this powerful audio package.

Simply, begin listening as soon as you receive it and I will lead you by the hand step-by-step how to get started, answer the most common questions that you will have based on over 400,000 graduates and yes help you overcome the obstacles of fear and procrastination.
FREE BONUS #4 ($49.95 Value)
Government Goldmines
At last, over 90 pages of inside information on low interest government loans. 

These little known programs could save you thousands of dollars in interest payments more importantly increase cash flow.

See which programs you qualify for and get loans as low as 1% interest. A wide variety of programs, some for the poor, some for even the rich and some for those in between.
FREE BONUS #3 ($49.95 Value)
125 Irresistible Purchase Offers

Knowledge is Power! When you understand the exact Foreclosure Laws in your State you have an insiders edge……to cash in on your understanding of precisely how the system works.

This easy-to-understand guidebook will put you ahead of your competition and allow you to get those “gold nugget” houses at 20%, 30% and even 40% below market value.

With this guidebook these kinds of deep discounted deals won’t simply be a once in a lifetime event, but a consistent money making machine.

Free Bonus #5 (A $49.95 Value!)

Using The Foreclosure Rules For Maximum Profit!:  A Complete State-By-State Guidebook on the Most Common Foreclosure Procedures
Get Started in the right direction—let us help you design your own personal roadmap to fast success.

How valuable would it be to have a successful real estate investor
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Because, I want you to get started on the right foot I’ve arranged a one-on-one personal coaching call when you get started today.
Free Bonus #6 (A $250.00 Value!)

You won’t want to miss this powerful wealth building session!
This one-on-one mentoring could be worth thousands to you!

This information-packed session is designed to catapult you to instant success.
·Clarifying your goals

·Creating an initial quick-success plan

·Helping you avoid beginner mistakes

·Answer any questions about the Courses

·Help analyze properties you’re considering

·Overcome your fear of getting started

You see, I’m not just throwing a lot of information at you and leaving you on your own. I sincerely want you to succeed and achieve your most passionate financial dreams.
"As foreclosures continue to mount, banks are more willing to deal," said Jonas Elliott of Loss Mitigation Services of Southwest Florida, which also negotiates short sales. "Lately it's gotten a lot easier, especially a deal that makes sense,' he said. 'Banks are willing to take 50 cents on the dollar whereas before, they'd say 80, 90 percent."
A Blueprint For Creating A Fortune in Foreclosures
The Real Estate Investment Power Package:
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"Foreclosure Secrets of the Pro's" (30 Pages)
14 Techniques To Buy Foreclosures And Preforeclosures In Todays Market  (downloadable ebook)

"Short Sale Power" (83 Pages)
Your Step-By-Step Blueprint to Make Money Buying Bank Owned Properties  (downloadable ebook)
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