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"I acquired over $1.5 million worth of income producing real estate, including a beautiful home for myself, within 18 months."

Jeru Hall

No Money Down Real Estate Investing

Yes, the “No Money Down” investing is enticing. But, it punishes the uneducated investor and creates wealth for the smart ones.

That’s why I wrote a 5-day email course help you avoid the stupid mistakes and build a solid and consistent income……even if you start with zero cash!

Hey, why listen to me?
****Over 100 No Money Down Techniques*****
This is for real! You’ve heard about no money down techniques on late night infomercials….you wondered , are these techniques legitimate, safe and more importantly are they a way to….

….. make a ton of money investing in well selected real estate.

The answer to this question is both yes and no! Yes, of course you can make a fortune investing in today’s depressed real estate market…..and yes you can get started even if you don’t have a fat bank account.

But, you can also really screw up if you don’t know what you’re doing.

·You could overpay for the property

·Get a house with insurmountable structural problems

·Buy a property with very inflexible financing

·Acquire a property in the wrong location
Oh, by the way – most “e-courses” put out a lot of junk. But, I refuse to put out that kind of crappy information. You will get quality content that is designed to make you money in this real estate market.
"Ed, when I first got started, I learned so much from you. You were definitely one of my early heroes. I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am.”

Anthony Robbins, best selling author and world renowned coach and speaker
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"After  taking Ed Beckley's course... I have acquired 4 properties... all with nothing down, and I've put about $10,000 in my pocket.  It's all very simple!"

Jan Brown
Sacramento, CA
Ed Beckley
“Made $5000 on my very first deal…..”

“I was a little nervous… but my girlfriend said, 'I don’t believe you’ll do it.'

That made me angry so now I had to. It was easy to follow Ed’s step- by- step formulas…I went out and bought a house for no down payment at 75% of market value ….

but the great part was that at the closing the attorney helping with the property offered me $5000 cash profit right there….not bad for a few hours of work.”

Tim Bregenzer
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The five-day course starts today, and I solemnly pledge NEVER to spam you or sell your email address to anyone.
Hi, I’m Ed Beckley!

They call me the “Millionaire Maker.” I am one of the undisputed pioneers and innovators in buying real estate for no money down…..before Carleton Sheets, Russ Whitney, Ron Legrand, John Beck, John Alexander or Russ Dalbey.

Over the last 32 years, I’ve been seen by millions on television, in live seminars and bootcamps teaching over 400,000 ordinary folks just like you how to make real money investing in real estate….and more importantly keep it!

I have personally bought and sold millions of dollars worth of real estate and at one time owned over 80 pieces of property. I’ve written 7 books and authored 5 real estate courses.

Hey, I’m not bragging, but I do think that this 5-day No Money Down” e-course will show my unique system for creating real estate wealth:
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Learn Moneymaking No Money Down Formulas that Ordinary People Can Use to Buy a House in the Next 90 Days

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Discover a Proven Plan So That You Can Realistically Retire From Your Job Within 5 - 10 Years... No Matter What Your Age or Experience Is
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"No Money Down Real Estate Investing"